A 60×120 metal building is one of the largest sizes available from most US manufacturers. These buildings offer plenty of space for virtually any application, from large hobby workshops, sports arenas to retail stores and more. But how much does a metal building of this size cost?

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Let’s take a closer look at the cost of a 60×120 metal building and its uses.

60×120 Prices

One of the first things you’ll need to consider when planning any metal building project is the type of construction for your structure. How much can you expect to spend on a pole barn style versus a steel frame build?

It’s difficult to estimate the cost of your building without knowing your goals and other details.

However, on average, metal buildings cost $10-$25 per square foot.

For a 60×120 metal building, you’re looking at a price range of:

  • $72,000-$180,000

Keep in mind that the cost can vary greatly depending on your location, the manufacturer you choose and any upgrades, options or customizations you may want.

For example, a simple metal building of this size with a single bay and single walk-in door may be closer to $70,000, while a building with multiple bays, doors, windows and a lean-to may be closer to the mid or high range.

To give you a better idea of prices for this building size, let’s look at some current prices offered by manufacturers:

  • $95,434.20 ($13/sqft) for a building with 3 garage doors, 4 windows and 1 walk-in door
  • $92,789 ($12.8/sqft) for a building that’s made to order (standard options)
  • $118,372 ($16.4/sqft) for a building with 3 garage doors, 3 windows and 1 walk-in door

Right now, the average cost of a metal building of this size is somewhere in the $12-$16 per-square-foot range when purchasing from well-known manufacturers.

All things considered, a 60×120 metal building is a more cost-effective option than a traditional site-built structure.

Other Costs to Consider

Along with the building itself, there are other costs that should be considered when building a 60×120 building, such as:


A concrete slab foundation is the standard choice for a metal building. Costs for this type of foundation can range from $5.75 to $13.52 per square foot.

For a 60×120 building, the cost of the foundation would range from:

  • $41,400-$97,344

The foundation will be a major expense that must be considered when planning your project.


Delivery is typically included in the cost of the building, but this is not always the case. Fees for delivery can be over $1,000.

Site Work

For a metal building of this size, you will likely need at least some site work. Site work includes clearing trees, excavating, grading, etc. Unless you’re placing your building on perfectly flat land, you will need to hire someone to prepare your site for the foundation and the building itself.


If you plan on having electricity, water and other utilities in your metal building, you will need to account for these costs, too. The cost to run utilities can vary greatly depending on how far away the building is from an electrical line and other factors.

Of course, you’ll also need to consider the cost of upgrades and finishing the interior.

60 x 120 Metal Building Uses

A 60 x 120 metal building has a whopping 7,200 square feet of space. A building of this size can be used for virtually any purpose, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Some of the most common uses for 60×120 buildings include:


A 60×120 building is ideal for storage purposes. Its large size can accommodate most organizations or operations. In addition, with a clear span interior, you can make use of all of the building’s internal space.

Hobby or Professional Workshop

If you’re an enthusiastic hobbyist or a professional, you can use a 60×120 metal building as a workshop. You’ll have plenty of space for equipment, tools, furniture and an office for administrative work.

The great thing about metal buildings is that you can customize the number of doors, windows and other features. The interior is clear span, so you’re free to create whatever type of layout you want for your workshop.

Mechanic Shop

A 7,200-square-foot building is ideal for a mechanic or repair shop. You can add multiple bays and walk-in doors to serve customers and ensure that your staff has plenty of space to work.

Retail Store

A 60×120 metal building can also serve as space for a retail store. It can house multiple smaller shops or one larger shop. Additional space can be reserved in the back for inventory and administrative work.

The open layout of the building gives you creative freedom when planning your displays.


Metal buildings are a practical and economical choice for restaurants. A 60×120 building is ideal for smaller restaurants, especially if you’re planning an open kitchen concept.

Add garage doors to your restaurant for a more industrial vibe, or stick to simple windows and walk-in doors. Many manufacturers allow you to customize your building, which gives you more options when designing your restaurant.


Another great application for a 60×120 building is a warehouse. The clear span interior allows you to maximize your internal space, providing more room for storage and organizing the stored inventory. This is a popular size for indoor soccer facilities and other sports buildings.

Agricultural Use

A 60×120 metal building can also be used for agricultural purposes and storage of farming equipment. The clear span interior allows larger equipment and machines to be stored with ease.

A 60×120 metal building can be used for virtually any application due to its large size. It may not be practical for use as a home garage or workshop, but for larger scale uses, it will provide plenty of open space.

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