Whether you have a small private plane or multiple commercial aircraft, your airplanes deserve the best possible protection while they are on the ground.

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We are going to go over the basics you need to know when you are getting ready to construct your own aircraft hangar.

First, we will tell you why we recommend steel for your airplane hangar. Then, we will go over costs and types of metal hangar buildings as well as our top recommended companies for metal aircraft hangars.

Benefits of Steel Airplane Hangars

Here are some reasons to choose steel for your aircraft hangar:

  • Steel offers you excellent strength, and can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. It resists being deformed or buckling under wind, and does not corrode easily in rain.
  • Steel is fireproof and also resistant to pests.
  • It is fast, easy and cost-effective to build a steel hangar for your airplanes. If you choose the prefab route in particular, you will be amazed by the rapid turnaround you can expect.

How Much Do Airplane Hangars Cost?

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A steel building generally will cost anywhere from $7-$25 per square foot.

Keep in mind that only includes the building itself. You also need to account for the costs for the foundation, doors, finishing, features, etc.

The price of steel also fluctuates, so the timing for your order may impact the price as well.

Also, do not forget to add in the cost to install the hangar at your site.

What Type of Airplane Hangar is Right For You?

There are two main configurations for steel structures, either of which you can choose for a hangar:

  • Straight wall structures
  • Quonset buildings

Quonset buildings have a curved wall/roof, and are ideal if you want to keep your costs down as much as possible. They also shed precipitation well, so may be suitable if your climate receives a lot of rain or snow.

We recommend a straight wall hangar if you want a large, open clear span structure for your aircraft.

Top Recommended Airplane Hangar Companies

Now that you know more about steel hangar basics, you can take a look at what some of the top metal hangar companies are offering.

1. Morton Buildings


Another option for your aircraft hangars is Morton Buildings, a company that has a history dating all the way back to 1903. For more than a century, this employee-owned business has been constructing a wide range of steel buildings, including hangars.

While steel is a great choice for hangars, steel structures can sometimes have problems with temperature fluctuations and condensation, which is why PBS puts an emphasis on heating and cooling tech (as discussed in the section above).

Morton deals with this problem by using post-frame construction. The exterior of the hangar is steel, but the framing is wood, providing the insulation needed to effectively prevent condensation. Customers who choose Morton benefit from the company’s proprietary insulation system called Energy Performer®.

Key Point: A hangar from Morton Buildings is an ideal choice if one of your top priorities is to prevent condensation.

2. Pacific Building Systems

Pacific Building Systems (PBS) has been in business since 1962, and is based in Oregon. Their services are focused on the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. PBS’s business model means that they handle every aspect of a project including sales, engineering, detailing and more. As such, it is easy to work with them through every stage of your order.

The Pacific Building Systems website says that they manufacture the following types of hangars:

  • Single airplane hangars,
  • Corporate airplane hangars,
  • Maintenance buildings,
  • Shade ports, and
  • Multi-port tee hangar systems

Some of the features you can choose from to customize your hangar include:

  • Insulated metal panels
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling (preventing condensation)
  • Ridge vents
  • A variety of door options
  • Clear span design

Key Point: We like Pacific Building Systems for their approach to projects. They do a great job coordinating between departments and providing a consistent, seamless ordering experience.

3. Worldwide Steel Buildings

Our first recommendation is Worldwide Steel Buildings, a company that has been manufacturing hangars and other steel structures since 1983. This company takes particular pride in its precision jig-welded trusses, backing them with a 50-year warranty. They say that their trusses have been able to stand up to hurricanes, tornadoes and heavy ice. Along with the 48 continuous states, they also can ship to Alaska.

Worldwide Steel Buildings has a strong relationship with the air community, and is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). If you are an AOPA member yourself, you can even get a special discount.

One of the things that distinguish Worldwide Steel Buildings from other companies is that they emphasize customization. In fact, they can build your hangar as a standalone structure or they can adjoin it to a larger structure such as a house. Clear spans as wide as 100 feet are available. This company also will make sure that the hangar they design for you meets the building codes for your jurisdiction.

Best For: We advise choosing Worldwide Steel Buildings if you are concerned about your hangar being able to hold up in harsh weather conditions including wind, rain, ice and snow.

Build Your Dream Hangar for Your Aircraft Now

A steel aircraft hangar is the strong, stable, fire- and pest-proof housing you need to protect your airplanes in all weather conditions. With a prefab metal structure customized to meet your individual specifications, it is fast and easy to build your ultimate dream hangar.

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