If you’re considering adding a 30×60 metal building to your property, one of your first concerns will be pricing. Understanding the average cost of a 30 x 60 building can help you budget for your project and make it easier to comparison shop.

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Let’s look at how much a building of this size costs, the factors that affect cost and potential uses for these buildings.

30 x 60 Metal Building Kit Prices

There are two important things to consider when pricing your project:

  • The cost of the building itself
  • Additional costs associated with preparing the site and finishing the building

Depending on the site and your goals, the additional costs may be equal to or more than the cost of the building itself.

As for the building itself, the cost of a 30 x 60 metal building can range from:

  • $24,000-$45,000 or more

Several factors can affect the cost of your building, including:

  • The manufacturer. Some companies simply charge more than others for their buildings.
  • Features. The more doors, windows and additional features (like lean-tos) that you add, the greater the cost.
  • Delivery and installation. Some companies include the cost of delivery and installation in the price.
  • Customization. If you want to customize your building, you may have to pay additional fees.

Additional Costs to Consider

The building itself is just one piece of the puzzle when pricing your project. Whether you’re working with a general contractor or using a turnkey provider for your metal building, there are additional costs that will affect the overall price of your metal building.

Additional costs can include (but are not limited to):


Concrete slab foundations are the most popular choice for metal buildings. On average, this type of foundation costs $5.40-$6.40 per square foot for a 4” slab.

For a 30×60 metal building, which is 1,800 square feet, the foundation can cost anywhere from:

  • $9,720-$11,520

Of course, even these costs can vary depending on your location, the cost of labor and other factors.

Site Work

Before you can even pour the foundation and erect your new building, you will need to ensure your site is ready for construction. Depending on your site, you may or may not need a lot of site work.

Site work can include:

  • Clearing trees
  • Grading
  • Surveying

The cost of site work can vary wildly depending on your individual site and your goals. These costs can be thousands of dollars in some cases.

Utilities and Finishes

In addition to site work, foundation and the building itself, you also have to consider any finishes that you want to add or utilities that you want to connect. These will all add to the cost of your building project.

These costs can include:

  • Insulation and interior wall finishing
  • Connecting plumbing and electricity
  • Lighting

Again, costs here can vary greatly depending on your goals for your building, your location, cost of labor and many other factors.

30 x 60 Metal Building Uses

A 30×60 metal building can have many potential uses, including:


With 1,800 square feet of space, a 30×60 metal building will work well as a workshop. In addition, there’s plenty of space for work benches, an office and even storage.


Offices are another great use for a 30 x 60 building. Multiple smaller office spaces can be added to your space, or you can use it as one large office space. Whether you work from home or run a business, a metal building of this size will provide the space you need to get work done.

Garage or Auto Shop Business

Most 30×60 metal buildings will come with roll-up doors, making them ideal for use as a garage or an auto shop business.

A 30×60 metal building can be used for many applications – not just the ones listed above – and they are an affordable option for anyone needing a larger metal building.

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