The exact process for constructing a metal building will depend on the type of building selected, specific details concerning the site such as grade, slope, soil type, the manufacturing route you have chosen, and other factors.

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But here is an idea of the basic steps which you might take.

  1. First, figure out what your budget is for this project.
  2. Next, you will need to familiarize yourself with zoning laws. If you find yourself with questions at this stage, you should contact your local authorities rather than wait. You do not want to head down the wrong path with your plans and need to start over or make major revisions.
  3. Decide whether you will handle construction yourself or work with professionals. If you decide on the latter, search for a contractor. Pick one that has worked on projects which are similar to yours, has great references, and is passionate about bringing your vision to life.
  4. Figure out based on your knowledge of zoning requirements and your own personal or professional needs what type of metal building you would like. Start thinking about the layout and features, and then investigate different companies that manufacture metal buildings.
  5. Decide on a metal building contractor or architect and a specific model. You might pick something out of a catalog or have the company create a custom model or layout for you from the ground up.
  6. At this point, you can apply for financing. While it is possible to approach that step earlier in the process, you will have an easier time obtaining financing if you can bring floor plans and cost and timing estimates with you to the bank.
  7. Meet with your local government building division. Bring your building plans with you. This is a great time to ask any further questions you might have about zoning or the construction process, and it is also your opportunity to get the government’s stamp of approval on your metal building construction plans and schedule. Now is also the time to set up any required inspections.
  8. Next, you will need to get the site itself ready. In some cases, this may involve minimal preparatory work. But in others, it could involve extensive work (i.e. putting in a septic system, adding road access, and so forth).
  9. Decide what direction to orient the building in. Hopefully, you were already thinking about this when you were designing your layout so that you can take best advantage of the features of the site.
  10. Make sure that the soil is in good condition. A professional survey may be in order.  It is better to be safe than sorry in this instance.
  11. Excavate the site and put in the foundation.
  12. The steps that follow depend on the type of steel structure you have decided upon. If you choose a rigid frame structure, you will need to assemble the frame. If you pick a Quonset hut, you will need to connect the panels. If you order pre-assembled modular units, you may only need to install them on the site.
  13. You will need to insulate your metal building and put in the walls and roof (if applicable).
  14. Next, it’s time to choose your exterior finishes, accessories, trim, doors, windows, vents, and so forth. Incorporate plumbing and electrical.
  15. Finish the interior and exterior of the structure as desired.


At that point, your building is ready to use.


You will need to be involved with every stage of planning for your building since it will be up to you to coordinate between the authorities and contractors you are working with.

But it is your decision how involved you want to be with the actual construction of the home. If you are the hands-on type, you can build it yourself. At the other end of the spectrum, you can order a modular metal house which is move-in ready and have it shipped and installed on your site.

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