A 30×50 metal building is an affordable way to gain 1,500 square feet of space. Whether you’re a commercial entity that needs a shop or additional office space or wants the extra space for a home office or garage, metal buildings will meet your needs.

Save Up To 33% On Your Kit

Durable, cost-efficient and customizable, you’ll pay a fraction of the price for a metal building compared to a stick-built model.

30 x 50 Kit Prices

Your construction needs are unique, and your 30×50 shop may need thicker walls, roll-up doors and ceiling-to-floor windows. Additions to a regular kit will cost more, driving up the price of your build. You’ll pay more for:

  • Higher leg heights
  • Different tubing gauges
  • Stronger sheeting
  • Higher PSF and wind ratings
  • Insulation type and rating

A base 30×50 building costs between $12,000 and $16,000+. When you add in windows, doors and roll-ups, you can easily pay $25,000 – $50,000.

For example, a 30×50 metal garage kit is often lower priced, with many companies offering free setup for a two-day garage for between $13,000 and $21,000. If you have a shop or an office that requires multiple rooms and other features, the cost will rise accordingly.

On top of spending more on customizations, you’ll also need to consider a few additional factors.

Additional Cost Factors

Pricing a 30×50 building is difficult because there are additional factors that need to be considered that are outside of the kit and customizations that you choose. A few of the variables that will impact your total cost include:

  1. Location: How far is your site from the manufacturer’s nearest location? Shipping costs can be significant.
  2. Labor: A 30 x 50 metal garage kit will need someone to install and finish the structure. You can take the DIY approach, but if you hire local contractors, prices will fluctuate. You may need to hire a plumber, electrician and a general contractor to finish the building for you.
  3. Manufacturer: There is no standard price for each building size, and you’ll find certain manufacturers charge significantly more than others. Obtaining a quote for your kit and installation from reputable companies will help you balance costs more effectively.
  4. Foundation: What type of foundation do you want for your building? Concrete slabs are a good option, with costs of about $5.40 – $6.40 a square foot. These figures are based on a 4” slab, meaning that your 30 x 50 metal building’s foundation will cost between $8,100 and $9,600.
  5. Clearing and grading: If your site needs to be cleared and graded, this will also add to the cost. You may need a survey if you’re unsure of the property lines, and if you have a lot of trees on your lot, they may need to be hauled away.
  6. Access road: Creating an access road to the building should be done during the clearing and grading process. You’ll need to consider the cost of gravel or asphalt to cover the road, or you may opt to have a dirt road.
  7. Utilities and permits: Costs to connect utilities, potential septic or sewer line connection and permits must be added to the total price, too. Permits are usually low-priced, but they will add to the overall cost of the project.

These additional costs are not unique to a metal building, and you’ll incur them when building a stick-built structure or any other option. In the long term, your structure will benefit you with lower build and maintenance costs and resistance to strong winds, fire, pests, mold and more.

A 1,500-square-foot building offers you a lot of versatility in what you can use the space to achieve.

30 x 50 Metal Building Uses

What can you create with all of this space? A lot.

30×50 Shop

Workshops, autobody shops and others are easy to erect with a metal building. The ability to add garage doors allows you to bring even the largest vehicles or equipment into the space.

30×50 Office

Multi-room offices, bathrooms and sitting spaces can be placed in a single 1,500-square-foot structure. Add space for your growing business or create the perfect home office.

30×50 Pole Barn

Pole barns are the perfect choice for the agricultural industry. House your livestock, cattle or horses in the barn. You can also store feed, equipment and more in the space.

30×50 Metal Garage

Installing a 30×50 metal garage kit is one of the most popular reasons people choose this building size. Dual garage doors and free-span interiors allow you to store more cars and tools. Plus, the high ceilings also make great spaces for lifts.

Many people also use their buildings for:

  • Storage buildings and spaces. Put your items in your weather-resistant, sealed metal building. You can also use this for inventory and customer goods.
  • Small churches. Reducing startup costs for a church is in high demand, and a lot of congregations are turning to metal buildings to help them construct a place of worship for lower costs.
  • Schools that lack enough space for growing populations have added metal buildings and trailers to accommodate more students.
  • Restaurants are turning to 30×50 buildings to house their eatery. The space offers a large dining area, superb durability and customization options that are perfect for an upscale restaurant or even a quaint café.

Metal buildings can help you add space or create an entirely new space in a residential or commercial area. The strength, longevity and natural resistance of 30×50 buildings make them a good choice for nearly every application.

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