A 30×30 metal building offers you 900 square feet of space, making them perfect for shops, garages, workshops, storage and more. Price ranges for a 30×30 building will vary based on a few factors, but they’re an affordable option.

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30×30 Price Range

Precise estimates for a 30×30 building are difficult to find due to customization options and site prep. You may spend $8,000 on a 30×30 garage kit and need to consider slab costs, which will vary greatly depending on location and your terrain.

Costs for a 30×30 steel building kit will fall between $8 and $20 per square foot or from $7,200 to $18,000 for the building.

Turnkey solutions will often fall between these price ranges. A few of the price estimates from large vendors include:

  • $16,896 from Eversafe Buildings for a 30×30’ with roll-up doors and a walk door frame out.
  • $14,400 from Buildings Direct for a 30×30 metal shop
  • $16,244 for a garage metal building kit on eBay

30×30 Metal Building with Slab Cost

Slab costs will vary dramatically from one installer to the next. The builder will need to consider the current terrain, if clearing and grading are needed, and other factors. However, the general cost for a slab is:

  • $4 per square foot, or $3,600
  • $8 per square foot, or $7,200

These figures will be on top of the kit cost, which will add an additional $7,200 to $18,000 and installation if you don’t erect the building on your own.

How is a 30×30 Price Calculated?

Pricing calculations are dependent on the customization you choose. Kit prices are just the starting point of most buildings. Pricing of the final install will increase if you add:

  • Electric
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • Etc.

Total project cost will rise based on the following:

Site Work

What site work needs to be done? Hiring a grader, paying for tree removal and so on will cost you more. Leveling ground can cost $0.40 to $2 per square foot, and that’s up to $1,800 more in expenses just for leveling and doesn’t include clearing, tree removal and so on.

However, if you do some or all of the clearing yourself, the costs won’t be too bad.

Site work will add to the cost of your project, but if you’re not worried about putting a slab down, you may be able to do all of the work yourself.


Most owners will place their building on a foundation, and a concrete slab is the go-to option for metal buildings. A slab will cost you as much as $7,200+, depending on multiple factors, including location, site, etc.


Overall construction costs will also need to be considered. One builder may charge 40% more than a competitor, and these variables make it nearly impossible to predict construction cost. Metal building sellers can often connect you with construction companies in your area that can help quote the total cost of your project.

Wind and Snow Load

Local building codes must be considered when erecting your 30×30 building. If you live in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes or heavy snowfall, you’ll need to meet strict wind and/or snow load requirements.

Additional supports or stronger materials may be necessary to meet snow or wind load requirements.

Expect there to be an increase in overall costs if you live in any areas that do require additional building strengthening.


Customizations and options add to the total expense, too. You’ll need to consider the additional costs of:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Insulation
  • Etc.

If you want to add large roll-up doors to store a vehicle or farm equipment in the space, these additions will cost more, too. When you request an estimate for your metal building, you’ll be able to ask about custom options and how much they’ll increase your overall costs.

You may be able to choose different metal gauges, which will cost more or less depending on the gauge chosen.

30 x 30 Metal Building Uses

Metal buildings are fast to erect and offer high-end longevity, too. You’ll find many uses for a 30×30 building, including:

  • Garage
  • Workshop
  • Storage
  • Office
  • Etc.

Adding an additional 900-square-foot of space is quick and affordable with 30×30 metal building kits. Metal building companies will provide you with kit and/or build estimates to help speed up your construction project.

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