There are so many ways you can finish the interior and exterior of your metal structure once it is in place.  To be honest, you can make it look just like a traditional stick-built home if you want to blend in.  But for most consumers, they like to embrace the aesthetic of their steel building.

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For starters, you can consider simply keeping the metal as is.

The industrial, modern look has become trendy even in residential neighborhoods. You may decide that you enjoy it.

Prefer something that will blend in more with the neighboring buildings or simply provide a more traditional aesthetic?

You can finish the exterior of your metal building using wood, brick, stucco, stone, or any other material you please. Even metal roofs can be disguised to look like traditional shingles or tiles.

When it comes to the interior of your metal home, you also have your choice of a wide range of materials. You can keep the metal, or you can install drywall, wood, or another material of your preference.

Depending on the materials you select and the decorative embellishments you add to your home, you can create an ambiance which is industrial, rustic, contemporary or any other style you please.


Where Can You Learn More About Finishing Choices?

After reading through this introduction, hopefully, you feel like you have a better grasp on some of the terminology and what you need to think about when planning a metal structure.

But you probably have many more questions after reading this guide, since this is simply a 101 guide to your finishing options. Having had a chance to get your feet wet, you can dive in and learn more about custom buildings by exploring the other guides on our site.


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