There are a number of possibilities when comes to insulating steel structures.   The choices will vary by use and your locale.

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When you are selecting materials to use, pay attention to their R-values. The higher the R-value, the better that material is at its job.

The Main 5 Options For Metal Building Insulation

  • Loose Fill: This is not a common option for metal buildings, but it does exist. Installation is expensive, but some people prefer it since it does well insulating corners.
  • Bubble insulation: Yes, this is basically bubble wrap for your building. If it is important to you to control not just temperature, but also condensation, this is an effective option.
  • Batt and Blanket: Consisting of rock wool or mineral fiber, this is an inexpensive option which can work well in a metal structure.
  • Rigid Board Insulation: Most commonly used to insulate flat roofs, this type of insulation can be made from polyurethane, fiberglass or polystyrene.
  • Spray Foam: This is an increasingly popular form of insulation which comes as a liquid polymer, often polyurethane. You spray it where you need it, and it expands into a solid foam. It is easy to apply, even to atypically-shaped spaces which would be difficult to fill with other forms of insulation. It is therefore of the most versatile type of insulation you can use.


In some cases, specifically, if you are going to live in this structure, you might try using a couple different forms of insulation together to achieve greater energy efficiency.

Remember, because of thermal bridging, installing high-quality insulation is vital to keeping your home or commercial structure comfortable while also conserving your budget and keeping your energy footprint to a minimum.

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