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If you need to construct a gym or recreation building, you need a large, clear-span structure that can accommodate whatever court(s), field(s) and practice areas you require inside.

It might surprise you to learn that it is actually pretty easy to build a metal gym or recreation building these days, thanks to the popularity of prefabricated steel structures.

You can simply order a metal building kit for a gym or rec building, and get it delivered right to your site for easy installation. Let’s go over how it works.

Why Choose Steel for Your Recreational Building?

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Here are some of the benefits of steel for gyms and recreational facilities:

  • Durable: Steel is famous for its incredible strength and durability, standing up to wear and tear. It can hold its own against the effects of weather and pests, and is non-combustible.
  • Clear-span: The strength of steel makes it suitable for constructing large, clear-span buildings that provide wide open, uninterrupted space inside for athletes.
  • Affordable: Metal recreational buildings can be very affordable, especially when you buy a prefabricated metal building kit.
  • Fast and easy construction: You would be surprised by just how quickly you can assemble a prefab metal building on your site. Because most of the construction is completed in a factory in advance, there are only a few steps remaining at the building site, and the personnel, expertise and equipment required are minimal compared to what would be needed for a traditional on-site build process.
  • Low-maintenance: Thanks to the durability of steel and its resistance to weather, pests and fire, you should not need to put much time, effort or expense into its long-term maintenance. In fact, this can actually make it more cost-effective over time than you might be expecting.
  • Long-lasting: A steel gym or recreational facility should provide many decades of use, even without you putting much work into maintaining it.

Key Features to Look for in a Metal Gymnasium Buildings

When you are shopping for a metal building kit for a gym or recreational building, here are some things to consider.

1. The dimensions and layout you need.

A good starting point is to look for kits that provide the length, width and height you need (be extra sure to measure carefully). Next, you can look for an interior layout that includes all the individual spaces (i.e. studios, offices, locker rooms, and so forth) you will need in a configuration that is suitable.

2. Customization.

Sometimes, you may not find exactly what you are looking for in a pre-existing design. At that point, you will require more advanced customization. Thankfully, some of the top metal building manufacturers offer quite a bit of customization, allowing you to design your ideal gym.

3. Energy-efficient design.

If you care about sustainability—and cost-savings—you are going to want to make your gym or recreational building energy-efficient. Features such as solar panels and high-quality insulation can help you to achieve energy-efficiency. You can also look for manufacturers that use recycled steel.

4. A fast and straightforward design and build process.

Ordering a metal building kit should be simple and easy to understand, with the steps laid out plainly in front of you. After you finish customizing your kit, you just need to wait for the prefab manufacturing to take place, and for the kit to be shipped to you.

5. Rapid and easy installation.

Something you will want to pay critical attention to while choosing a kit is what the installation process is going to entail. How complex is it? Do you need specialized supplies and personnel, or can you do it with basic tools and skills? What are the steps involved? How long can you expect it to take?

6. Durability.

Any steel structure should be relatively strong, but the gauge of the steel as well as the features of the construction itself will have an impact on the overall strength and longevity of your recreation center. You might even have customization options to choose from with respect to gauge.

7. Excellent value. 

Finally, one more thing to think about is, of course, pricing. Compare the costs of the different metal building kits you are considering, as well as their features and your overall impression of the manufacturer and their level of service. Choose the kit that you believe offers you the best value.

How to Build Your Own Metal Gym

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If you are ready to construct a metal building gym of your own, here are the basic steps. Since the steps can vary a bit depending on the manufacturer you select, you will want to review the process for the company you are ordering from before you proceed, just to make sure you have clear and aligned expectations.

1. Begin by making a comprehensive list of your requirements. Be sure to look up the local building codes and zoning ordinances so that you can choose a structure that will be up to code.

2. Browse through kits for prefab recreational buildings until you find the one that best fits your needs.

3. If there are customization options available for that metal building kit, pick the options you want.

Some manufacturers provide 3D visualization tools you can use online at the time you are selecting customization options. Using these tools, you can get a feel for how the design choices you are considering will impact your final structure.

4. If you require more advanced customization than what is offered directly online, you can call the manufacturer to discuss your needs in detail with the design team. They will be able to tell you whether your ideas are feasible, or what they can offer you as workarounds.

5. Once you finish the design customization process, you just need to review the final cost for your metal recreation building, and submit your order.

6. Wait while your order is processed. How long this takes depends on the options you selected, as well as the individual process of the company you ordered from.

In some scenarios, the prefab components for your structure may already be ready to ship. In others, you might need to wait for prefab manufacturing to take place at the company’s facility.

If you have any concerns about the timeline, you can ask before ordering for a time estimate. Prefab manufacturing tends to be a rapid and straightforward process, so your building kit should be ready quickly.

7. Your building kit will be shipped to your site.

8. While you are waiting, if you do not yet have a foundation set up, or if you need to do anything else to prep the site, this is the time for you to take care of those steps.

9. When the building kit arrives at your site, you can complete the final steps to assemble it.

In some cases, the manufacturer may either send along a construction crew, or connect you with one. In others, you may need to find a contractor on your own to finish setting up your metal recreation building.

Once your building is fully assembled and utilities are all hooked up, it will be ready for you to use.

Shop Metal Building Gym Kits from Top Manufacturers

If you are ready to construct your own metal building gym or other recreational structure, it is as easy is choosing a metal building kit that will fit your needs. Below, you can shop a selection of versatile kits in a wide range of sizes from some of the best metal building companies. With our fast and easy ordering process, you are just a few short steps away from getting what you need for your business or organization.

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